Good news for all club owners and managers out there, ClubCash is here and ready to take your gym by storm.

ClubCash functions similarly to a prepaid account; that is your customers top up, withdraw, refund or pay via their ClubCash account. Like a direct debit account, the money in ClubCash can be accumulated. The great thing about ClubCash is that it is an exclusive prepaid account available only at your gym or fitness club.

Ways to use ClubCash in your club

Customers can use ClubCash to pay for:


Individual debit(s)







No need to handle physical money, ClubCash is cashless! You won’t lose your cash handling at tills as much, or worry about having to buy a safe for your cash at the middle of the night. Everything is handled in a safe and secure ClubCash account so you won’t need to worry as much about safety measures. This also reduces the risk of losing that chance to collect payment thanks to the greater security provided by your cashless ClubCash account.

Improved customer service

How much faster would your service be if you didn’t have to worry about handling actual cash? You will have faster operation times, less queuing times and that means happier customers. The speed of service that you provide will become a highlight point for your members as your staff won’t be stuck at the till handling cash for a myriad of customers.


Eliminate cash handling hassles

Sometimes mistakes can be made with cash and a miscount could affect your sales. It is also hard to keep track of cash as well, so when these things do happen, backtracking to rectify mistakes is difficult. With ClubCash, everything is kept on record and you won’t have any hassles with cash handling.

In addition, there is no need to cash up at the end of the day! This is a vital, yet tedious task for businesses that handle cash, but you will be able to skip this step with ClubCash. This means that you will have more time spent on other more important tasks for your club, such as interacting with customers and boosting sales. It also means that you won’t have to spend time going to and from the bank depositing money bags. Why would you have to do that, when you have no cash to handle?

Eliminate cash handling costs

Not only will this mean greater security, but this cashless account means that the need for cash handling tills is eliminated. You can save even more money and instantly boost cash flow by removing the need to buy tills, safes and all things cash-related. ClubCash is a free function that you should definitely be taking advantage of right away.


No failed payments

The option for a customer to pay via ClubCash is only visible when they have sufficient funds in their account to do so. If they don’t, ClubCash selection will not show up. This means that every time that it does, the customers definitely has enough funds to pay for whatever they want to pay for, meaning no failed payments because they do not have enough money in their account. ClubCash will not process the payment if this is the case. How great would this be, knowing that you won’t have to deal with outstanding failed payments?


Positive Cash Flow

With ClubCash, you will immediately enjoy money coming your way every time a transaction is made. You won’t have to wait to process it or take it to the bank for it to turn up in your account because it’s updated automatically. Be prepared for an increased and positive cash flow coming your way the moment you implement ClubCash in your business.

Member convenience

No more juggling your wallet, gym bag and coffee cup just to pay by the till. ClubCash improves customer service, reduces the need to buy till facilities, provides convenience to gym members and instantly boosts your business cash flow. What more can you ask for?

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