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Collate, collaborate and customise reports applicable to your gym, fitness or health centre with iconnect360’s reporting feature – empowering business owners and the management team to capture and share real-time data with your clients or co-workers as often as you want.

The iconnect360 software lets you generate statistics of the most widely requested reports used by gyms, fitness centres and health clubs across the country. Instant report generation allows you to make business decisions at a glance, boost productivity and power up your gym to the next level.

List and select the data that you want to analyse and the reporting feature will auto create reports that are comprehensive but concise; displaying only the most relevant information in an easy-to-read format.

Convert Generated Reports into Campaigns

Let iconnect360 help you do more with your reports. Most reports generated can be transformed into sales or marketing campaigns (via the campaign manager tool) so you can instantly boost sales or membership figures based on real-time data with minimal resources. For example, the iconnect360 reports allow you to:

  • Invite members who have not check-in over the last 28 days to a free personal training session
  • Send members a congratulatory 100th check-in e-mail, including a reward such as a overall health consultation
  • Promote your business during off-peak season with after school bootcamp classes or run self-defense courses for working women
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Automate your day-to-day tasks including bookings, front desk duties and
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Customer List Report

Filter your search via member status (e.g. active or expired), name, sign-up date, membership type and birthday. Feature also includes sub-filters so you can define the targeted age group between x-y.
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Campaign Run Recipient List Report

The perfect report for monitoring targeted campaigns. View the list of members and/or prospects who were recipients of previously executed campaigns to measure its effectiveness so you can better predict future marketing campaigns.
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Distribution Report

This auto-generated report accurately provides a summarised and detailed view on the reconciliation of revenue from your club(s). Instantly find out the actual figures of revenue, deduction transactions and tax invoices with this report.
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Customer Without Check-in Report

Never again overlook the best source of growth. Retain and grow your existing customer base with this report, allowing you to view and analyse why certain members have not checked-in the gym for a user-defined period.
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Outstanding Payment Report

Generate reports on the list of members who currently have debits pending in terms of failed payments and overdue/missed payment.
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Customer Check-in Reports

Similar to the Members Without Check-in Report, this report allows you to view and analyse active members of your gym or fitness center. Implement filters on the member names, home site, check-in date, time or status to discover your current customer base.
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Expiring Membership Report

Should you run a membership drive soon? This report lists members whose memberships are expiring within a user-defined period via membership end date or last check-in date.
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Transaction Reports

The iconnect360 includes tracking of cash payments and direct debit billing payments in one place. All transactions are itemised for easy tracking, allowing you to separately view POS shift cash up reports, till transactions and till summary reports.
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