Integrated direct debit billing to get your business fit with Ezypay – here’s what you need to know.

Integrated Direct Debit Billing

Designed with purpose: Why we integrated direct debit billing into iconnect360

Finally, a software system that gives you clear business transparency, 24/7!

No more cash flow problems with iconnect360, because it is integrated with the multi-award-winning Ezypay direct debit billing system (Ezypay recently won the NSW Best Medium Business at the 2015 Telstra Business Awards), a SaaS dedicated to making it easy to accept and process regular gym membership payments.

Make variations to your debits, handle failed debit transactions and collect one-off or recurring payments with no worries.  All this is managed under your iconnect360 account, so you’ll enjoy a streamlined user experience and still have the freedom to access all membership payment information and records anywhere, anytime you want.

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Automate your day-to-day tasks including bookings, front desk duties and
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Direct debit benefits included with your iconnect360 plan

All iconnect360 clients have full access to Ezypay features for no extra charge (click here to see our pricing plan).

By subscribing to iconnect360, you’ll enjoy:

Automated payment processing. iconnect360 constantly updates your member database with the latest payment and membership status, empowering business owners to decide on who they want to grant access into their gym or club. The Ezypay team will also work closely with the banks in handling all rejected or cancelled payments (if any), so you won’t have to.

Billing flexibility for your clients. Ezypay offers all businesses the option of collecting payments weekly, fortnightly or monthly. With iconnect360, you can now accept payment via direct debit from bank accounts or credit cards and we can also perform once-off payments (e.g. membership sign up fee), recurring payments (ongoing subscription fees) and  variable fees (e.g. 12 sessions of personal training).

Comprehensive reporting. Customisable reports are available within the same working day that the information is received from the banks so you can make the best business decisions based on the latest data. Our most popular reports include transaction reports (including cash payments), outstanding payments report and customer list report. Click here for more info on iconnect360 reporting feature.


Integrated Direct Debit Billing
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