Online Booking

Create and Customise Online Booking Signup Links for Every Site

The online booking feature within iconnect360 gym software allows gyms, clubs and fitness centres to maximise class, and session revenue.  The online booking technology of iconnect360 means more members can book into fitness classes, or personal training sessions.

The online booking form is all part of iconnect360 gym software.   You have some features of booking management in iconnect360 express however the full bookings package is available in iconnect360 standard.  If you choose a standard software package for your gym then you will enjoy the online bookings features.

The actual online booking form has been created using responsive web design.  What this means is it picks up which type of device the user is viewing it from and changes it’s size to respond.  The benefit of this is that the online bookings form looks great no matter what device the user accesses it from, meaning the user experience is always excellent promoting more booking form access and completions.  This feature is due to be released at the end of October 2014.  For more information please contact the sales team today.

Booking Management
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