Fitness Centre Gym Software

A feature-rich fitness centre gym software designed specifically for you

Are you looking for an all-in-one fitness centre gym software that will basically do all the administration side of things for you and run your gym on the go? You’re looking for iconnect360, feature-rich fitness centre gym software in the cloud.

Online Sign Up and Booking

I’d like to introduce you to our 24/7 sales team that is always available to help sign up new members for your gym no matter what the time, or day of the week: online sign up form. Combined with our online booking form, we are a force to be reckoned with. Our two newest features have seen an increase of sales by 10-25% for all business owners that use our system. By enabling this function, a signup link will be generated that you can then share with your customers and prospective members. It will open a window where they can complete the required forms and instantly become your new members! This fitness centre gym software also allows them to signup via Facebook. By allowing iconnect360 permission to access their data, it will be auto-populated. Then they can share this with their Facebook friends. So not only do you now have a new member, you also get free publicity!

The online booking form works similarly and members (and non-members if enabled) are able to check in online when they have their class or session. This is a definite function to have in your fitness centre gym software.

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free publicity
membership management

Manage Customers

There is no use having members if you can’t manage them. Manage your customers in this fitness centre gym software with our easy-to-use member management feature. This allows you to create, add, edit and delete member information with just a click of a button. You can see their personal, payment and membership details as well as payment plans, check-in histories and class activities. Membership management will track all the interactions with the members and ultimately help with your CRM (customer relationship management).

Booking Management

You also need to know how to manage your bookings. Keep track of all your classes and personal training sessions as well as how many members are attending each. This function of iconnect360’s fitness centre gym software means that you can avoid overbooking classes, double-booking venues or rooms. It is a useful tool because it can really save you time and stress.

Integrated Direct Debit Billing

Our fitness centre gym software is the only one on the market that has an integrated direct debit billing system that seamlessly works with the software. Our direct debit billing system is award winning Ezypay. This means that you actually have less work as opposed to more work. Don’t worry about double entering in one system and again in another or exporting files to the bank, our fitness centre gym software has it covered.

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SMS and email campaigns

We make it easy to email and test your members anytime you need. With iconnect360’s fitness centre gym software feature, you have the option of choosing to send your message to all or a selected few members with just a click of a button. Our SMS and email function allows you to be in constant communication with your members, enhancing your relationship with them.


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