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The Fitness Industry Survey team is a collaborative effort brought to you by Ezypay and iconnect360. Since 2008, the Fitness Industry Survey has been a part of our annual marketing activity in which Australia-based business owners, managers, staff and members of gyms, clubs and fitness centers take part in the largest nationwide fitness industry survey ever to benefit the Australia fitness industry.

Following the successful survey consisting of over 20,000 surveyed in 2013, the Fitness Industry Survey team has now broadened the data collection circle to include other countries, including New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

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As fitness software or gym software experts, we are always pushing to stay ahead of the information curve – which is why we are constantly changing, adding and editing the Fitness Industry Survey questionnaire every year to ensure that it is relevant to the changing movements of the local fitness industry. Generally, these questions would include queries on retention, membership management software, personal training, equipment, social media and technology in gyms or clubs- all of which are imperative topics that every business owner of a fitness industry-related business must know.

All these data which are highly relevant to the Australian and New Zealand fitness industry (and now the fitness industry in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore) is then segregated, compiled and then analyzed by the Fitness Industry Survey team before it is then converted into palatable-sized reports and infographs that are available for free downloads so that peers in the fitness industry can instantly improve their club, gym or fitness center business according to the latest market trends.




The tenacious gathering of data on what gym members want for nearly a decade has also made iconnect360 and Ezypay leading experts in the fitness industry. Internally, we leverage the insights we gain from members through the Fitness Industry Survey results to create better membership management software and also provide better direct-debit billing services to businesses in the fitness industry. This is why our remarkable customer support and sales team are one of the most knowledgeable business advisors in the Australian fitness industry.

The 2013 Fitness Industry Survey is currently available for download and features several infographs on personal trainers, memberships and a trend report. The full report on the Australian fitness industry direction is also available as a free download at the Ezypay Fitness Industry Page.



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