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What makes your gym? Although the location, facilities and equipment all play an important part in making your club, your members should be your first priority. This is why it is important that you have an easy-to-use all rounded membership management software,

like iconnect360.

Gym Membership Management Software You Can Customise

What are your member’s favourite after workout snack purchases at the till? Do they usually hit the cardio circuit with their friends, or do they prefer to go solo? Has a member been skipping gym sessions for over 30 days?


Keep members happy, promote your business to existing clients and grow your customer base with the membership management function. From saving their personal details to taking note of changes in their membership plans, here’s how you can track any member’s activity with iconnect360:

Personal Details

membership management

Debit Details

membership management

Class Activities

membership management

Membership Plans

membership management

Check-in History

membership management

Checking Attendance

membership management

Inventory records

membership management

Are you ready to get to know your members?

Get started now!

Here’s how membership management can improve sales at your club.

Improve your customer satisfaction rating to improve your business health. iconnect360 membership management software gives you access to all the latest information about your members at all time, so you can easily see what interests them and how you can consistently do what you do best – help them further along their fitness journey and enjoy a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Here’s an example:

Does your member Nancy frequently come in on Wednesday nights for Muay Thai classes? She (and her Muay Thai buddies) would be the perfect recipients of discounted entry into a Muay Thai Fighting Championship happening in a couple of weeks. The exclusive email invitation sent via iconnect360 would be a pleasant surprise that not only bonds your members closer to your gym, but also increases the perceived added value they won’t find anywhere else.


Other ideas on how to make use of the membership management feature includes:

membership management

A weekly newsletter that has the latest news in the fitness and health industry, health tips, work out ideas, success stories of members who have achieved their goals, and recipes. Best of all, the iconnect360 recipient filter tool allows you to send different newsletters to members on different fitness paths. Here are some cool ideas on what you can include in your gym’s newsletter.

membership management

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Drop by the gym and you’ll receive a special birthday surprise from us!” Give them some cake, a massage treat or wrap up their workout session with a birthday jig courtesy of all your staff. And how would you know when it’s their birthday? It is all stored in your iconnect360 membership management function.

membership management

Are you having a sale? A $0 joining fee month? Your current members are the best business ambassadors you will ever have. Encourage them to spread the word to their friends and families by starting a referral program. iconnect360 membership management system will help you identify the best members for this campaign (e.g. members for over a year or who have successfully completed a weight loss program)