How to integrate the
iconnect360 API
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Integrating iconnect360 API

Using a Web API

Software companies like iconnect360 provide generic components (e.g. a pay roll system, email system, a billing and invoicing system) as services over the web that other companies can then integrate into their own IT systems. Web API’s are available over the web as a cheaper (in the sense of both money and time) alternative to businesses needing to build and maintain their own IT component.

Having an API empowers people to think outside of the box and come up with something creative, new and exciting. Often, this is done using Web APIs from multiple providers simultaneously. The method of implementing various APIs at one go occurs so frequently that it has warranted a special term of its own: Mash-ups.

Using iconnect360’s API to Promote Online Sign Up

Add a customer to your iconnect360 database from your official website or portal with the iconnect360 API. This iconnect360 API allows clients to create their own website or portal to sign up members, which is then linked directly to their iconnect360 account. This minimizes resources needed for data entry, reduces risk of human error and increases efficiency in member sign-ups.

iconnect360’s API version 1(V1) provides you with the opportunity to use the HTTP request-response protocols (GET and POST) for data request and submission. If you would like to use iconnect360’s API to request or submit data, click here to view the iconnect360 API developer centre PDF.

Here are two API URLs available:

The Production and Developer & Test environments are on different servers to avoid the tangling of data. You can log in and experiment with the Developer & Test environment using your organisation code at Once you acquire the public and private key, your username and password for your API user account will be provided by iconnect360. This can be obtained by contacting

You will need to set up your iconnect360 as though you were setting it up for the first time. This involves configuring membership settings, membership plans, welcome email etc. Kindly note that setup needs to be done on the Developer & Test environment before implementing the online sign up feature.

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What is an API anyway?

When you copy text from one software (like your Internet browser) and paste it into software (like Microsoft Word), you are already making use of an API to transfer data from one application to another. API stands for application programming interface. Web API allows communication between a software application (like iconnect360) and an internet application (like Facebook) over the internet.

Integrating iconnect360 API

What makes every API special is that each API has a unique set of requirements that determines how one application can communicate with another application. To do this, some of the program’s internal codes are shown via the API so third party developers can understand how they can connect both applications together (and this is why only developers or those who can read coding are those who usually make use of API).

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Automate your day-to-day tasks including bookings, front desk duties and payment collection so you can spend more time doing what you love.

No developer at hand? No worries.

Last year, we released our online bookings and online sign up feature which empowers anyone to create customised online sign up and booking forms for classes or memberships without any programming knowledge. All you need to do is access your iconnect360 software and add booking templates at the organisation level. Heather has written an in-depth, easy-to-follow tutorial on how anyone can set up an online sign up booking form for their business at the iconnect360 Help Centre.

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