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Introducing Leonard, senior visual designer

Leonard is our senior visual designer.  He is a fan of Pacific Rim, has 6 sugar gliders and has no pet peeves (believe it or not!). Hello Leonard Lim, iconnect360’s newest team member. Say “Hi” to our new senior visual designer, Leonard Q1. What’s your favourite movie? It’s really hard for me to choose, but I have to go with Pacific Rim. I have a thing with robots and mechanical parts. Just can’t get enough. To date, I’ve watched Pacific Rim 7 times now. Q2. Which actor would play you in a movie? The late Paul Walker. He would do extremely well in portraying my geek-ness onscreen. Q3. What’s the most played song on your iPod? The Big Gundown by Prodigy. It’s healthy for my bass heavy headphones and in-car speakers. Q4. What is one song that describes you? Finale (William Tell Overture) by Hans Zimmer. Q5. If you could be a fruit, what would you be and why? Why would I want to be a fruit? I don’t want to be eaten :’( Q6. If you could have superpowers, which power would you have and why? Increased precision so I don’t have to strain my already small eyes just to thread into a needle pin hole Q7. What’s your favourite animal? I have 6 cute sugar gliders. Q8. If you could travel through time, both past and future, where and when would you travel to? I would travel through time, guided by the unknown and go far beyond the Milky Way. Q9. What is your pet peeve? Honestly? None. If I get annoyed easily, I would end up making... read more

Press Release: Gym attendance high but Australians are still getting fatter

Software company iconnect360 who provide a gym membership CRM system, mined their data on gym attendance, and found that 57.9% of gym members visit the gym each month.  Of those that visit the gym, the average number of visits per month is 7.4.  So it seems that although there is a greater awareness of the need to exercise and lead an active healthy lifestyle, there are more barriers for over 40% of gym members – than just getting to the gym to exercise.   The gym and fitness industry is a $1.4 billion industry in Australia.  Over the last 5 years it is steadily growing at a rate of 3.5% per year, (Ibis World Market research report).  However at the same time the prevalence of obesity in Australian adults has increased from 22% in 2010 to 26% in 2015.  So at the same time the gym and fitness industry is growing and the obesity levels of Australians are also growing.   CEO Trent Brown, of iconnect360 gym membership software says “The challenge for professionals in the health and fitness industry is to use the data our software provides about gym attendance and memberships, to help members overcome barriers to exercise.”   If you found this interesting please share it.  You might also like Review of the Top 15 Fitness Trends 2015   Press Release: Gym attendance high but Australians are still getting fatter was last modified: October 27th, 2015 by... read more

SEO for business – #DMM360 June 2015 Edition

#DMM360 June 2015 Edition For our #DMM360 June edition, we had the privilege of having C. Y Wong, Assistant Manager for Social Media, Brand & Communications at Packet One Networks (P1), as our guest speaker. About C. Y. Wong Hailing from Bidor, Perak, C. Y. Wong is truly a social media evangelist. With over 12 years of working experience and an unquenchable thirst for all things web and technology related, C. Y. Wong is a force to be reckoned with. He has spearheaded blogger outreach projects tied in with off page SEO efforts to ramp up campaign specific pages, on page SEO projects, organised bloggers’ parties and gatherings and coordinating social PR efforts with events and campaign launches. He also founded the blogging outreach group called the ‘Online Media Associates’ and established P1’s first corporate blog called the ‘P1 e-Social’ that leverages content marketing as part of the working strategy. The SEO Presentation Although the topic on SEO might have seemed like overkill in our #DMM360 circles, C. Y. Wong successfully brought a fresh and clearer view by separating SEO into 2 segments, namely the On page and Off page SEO. On page SEO: The SEO you can control This is the part of the SEO process (from content and keyword management, coding and website optimisation, internal linking, sitemap registrations and using analytical tools from Google) is basically the gist of what we have been doing in the marketing team all these while. So it is a relief to know that we are on track and on par with the expected standards. Off page SEO: The SEO you can’t... read more

Software release: Customer List by Package Report, reports enhancements, online membership sign-up enhancements, and more!

Release version: (2.6.1007) We are happy to announce the latest release of our iconnect360 member management software! This release includes a spanking new Customer List by Package Report and many more enhancements made on the online membership sign-up form, Till Transactions Summary Report, Customer List by Membership Report, calendar booking, customer page, prospect page, etc. Read on for more details.   New report – Customer List by Package Report This new report allows you to generate a list of customers with their respective purchased packages based on the specified criteria. For example, you can use filters like Package Status and Package End Date, to retrieve a list of customers with packages that are still active until the end of next month. Learn more.   Reports enhancements In this October release, we have enhanced the Till Transactions Summary Report to include the return results of the Multi-Visit Pass (MVP) a.k.a. Check-in Package feature that was released in September. We have included a new Membership Status filter for the Customer List by Membership Report generation. The former Customer’s Membership Status filter label has been renamed to Customer Status. The three new Sort By options are Membership, Membership End Date, and Membership Start Date. You can now group the records by Customer Number or Membership in ascending or descending order.   Online membership sign-up enhancements Item A: A new payment breakdown section showing the membership’s first and recurring payment details. The payment breakdown is auto-generated according to the customer’s selection of the membership start date and billing frequency. How is the first payment amount and date calculated for a customer’s membership?  ... read more

Software release: Multi-Visit Pass, Check-in Package, unified sign-up process, Package Sales Report and more!

Release version: (2.5.910) Sweet September has arrived. Users of our iconnect360 Standard version are in for a special treat. We are rolling out the Multi-Visit Pass (MVP) a.k.a. Check-in Package module in this release. In case you missed out on our last release announcement, we are happy to introduce the Check-in Package to you again. Read on for more details.   Multi-Visit Pass (MVP) a.k.a. Check-in Package   What is a Check-in Package? A Check-in Package works like a prepaid membership (i.e. check-in credits) for non-members to gain access to use the club facilities for a limited number of times within a specified period. For example, trial membership, complimentary pass, and ad-hoc pass. When a customer checks in at the gate, a credit is deducted from the Check-in Package. The check-in pop-up window in iconnect360 shows the person who checked in and the remaining credits balance. The credit notification text turns amber when the customer has two or less credits remaining.   What is the difference between Check-in Package and Booking Package? Unlike the Check-in Package which deducts credits at the gate, the Booking Package works like a prepaid account (i.e. booking credits) that can be used to pay for bookings. For example, swimming lessons, personal training classes, and group exercises. The Booking Package is an existing product in iconnect360. Learn more on The differences between the Check-in Package and Booking Package.   How do I create and configure a package? At the organisation level, select Packages > Add Package. For detailed instructions, refer to How do I create a package?   How can a customer purchase or sign... read more

Important! Free features from iconnect360 (online signup form & access server)

Feature-Rich Sign Up Form New version now available for all iconnect360 clients. The new online signup form now comes with more custom features, including the option of adding your club logo, corporate colours and background image to your online form. Your club members and prospects can also signup for training sessions with their Facebook account . Parents can also signup their kids for classes and more! Kindly note that the previous online signup pages (which start with the URL: will be decommissioned from the 30th of September. We encourage you to read this article on how to setup your new iconnect360 online signup form.   New Access Server Version Free gate server upgrade available now. The access server is used to synchronise the check-in status of customer to access control systems such as Falco and Inner Range. The new iconnect360 version offers better performance and reliability, including auto-updates parallel with iconnect360 release cycles. Kindly note that all iconnect360 users who are currently on the older version of the gate server can enjoy the new upgrade by contacting the tech support team. If you are looking to automate the door or turnstile access control of your gym, please also contact support for advise on the suitable access control solution for your club.     Do leave a comment below  if you have any questions regarding these new upgrades and we’ll be happy to clarify!     Important! Free features from iconnect360 (online signup form & access server) was last modified: October 19th, 2015 by... read more

Software release: Membership Sales Report, post-signing of Debit Authority and gender selection reminder in Online Signup form

Release version: (2.4.806) Ladies and gentlemen, we have merged the Membership Sales by Membership Report and Membership Sales by Salesperson Report into a new report called the Membership Sales Report in our August release. Going forward, if your customer chooses to digitally sign the debit authority at a later time, you can retrieve the document under the respective product tab. We are also including a gender selection reminder in the online signup form to eliminate customer record duplication. Read on for more details.   Membership Sales Report The Membership Sales Report displays the consolidated membership sales data at your site. You can use the filtering options such as Membership, Join Date, End Date, Signup Date, Signup Source, Start Date, or Salesperson to change or add to your filtering selections to obtain the needed data. The first page of the report displays the selected filters used to generate the report. There is also a summary section which shows the total membership sales count by each salesperson, membership, or signup source. The generated report may consist of more than one page. Learn more on Membership Sales Report.   Post-signing of the Direct Debit Request Form If the customer did not sign the Debit Authority during a product signup, you can retrieve the document later with the following steps: Go to the customer’s page. Select the product tab. For example, Memberships tab. Expand the details of the required product. In the Documents field, select the Debit Authority link. Select Sign Document. Ask the customer to sign on the digital signature pad. Select Save Signature. Select Close.   Gender selection reminder in Online Signup Form Sometimes duplicate customer records arise because the customer... read more

Debunking fitness myths

There are so many fitness myths that circle the fitness industry all around the world. Some have been embedded in the industry for so long that many people believe that they are true, which could potentially hinder their growth and progress. So today, we are debunking popular fitness myths you’ve probably heard of before. Debunking fitness myths 101 Debunking fitness myths 1: Cardio burns more fat than lifting weights NOT REALLY. This is something that has come to light a while ago, but is still worth putting on the list. According to Body and Soul, “Every 1.5kg of muscle you add to your frame boosts your metabolism by 6 to 8 percent and burns up to 400 extra kilojoules a day. Exercise scientist and nutritionist Liz Dene states “You end up burning more energy post-exercise because the more muscle mass you have, the more energy it takes to keep you alive…Doing a mix of resistance training and interval training will burn the greatest amount of energy.” Debunking fitness myths 2: Working out on an empty stomach burns more fat FALSE. One of the most common fitness myths is that you should work out on an empty stomach so that when you work out, your body doesn’t just burn the fat from your recent meal. However, this has been proven untrue as by not having something to eat prior to a workout, you won’t have the energy to exercise. A study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise showed that “fasting subjects trained at a reduced intensity and for about 30 minutes less than those who ate prior to... read more

Winter is coming: Tips on how to keep your members motivated throughout winter

Winter is coming. Well, actually, it is already here (more than halfway through to be exact), however, by now your members are probably stuck in a rut where they really want to work out, but it is just too too cold. So here are some tips on how to keep your members motivated throughout the chilly season and avoid that Winter rut. Keep your members motivated throughout Winter with these tips   Keep your members motivated throughout winter: Make it a competition Who doesn’t love a good competition? Establish a contest where the top 10 members who check into the gym the most wins something such as a free tub of protein, a special promotion for the next month, or a free gym pack complete with a water bottle, towel and shirt. This encourages people to head to the gym when they would rather be at home in bed. Keep your members motivated throughout winter: Make an event What better way to get your members hitting your gym more than to set an event competition at the end of winter with an amazing prize. This gives them something to work towards and the inspiration they need to get out of their winter rut. You could hold a major event at the end of the season where everyone competes, such as who has lost the highest percentage of body fat, who can lift the most deadlifts, double their body weight and more. This also helps to improve the community feel of your gym as on the day, everyone will be cheering and supporting each other. Keep your members motivated throughout winter: Use... read more